Cash Management

Cash Management

We’re committed to equitable economic development. At CityFirst, we understand the unique needs of customers like you – the small businesses, nonprofits and depositors interested in the financial wellbeing of the local community, first.

Our Relationship Managers work with you to develop your business custom bundle of services.

Automatically deposit employees’ paychecks directly into their designated accounts. Or, with your customers’ consent, you can collect routine amounts like home owner association or condo fees, contributions, or rents. Go paperless while making payments or receiving funds swiftly and safely.

Gives your business an effective risk management solution to detect and combat fraudulent activity with positive pay procedures.

Benefits Include

  • Integration into First Business Online Banking.
  • Ability to import checks issued directly and import issued item files.
  • Independent review and handling of exceptions without any bank employee intervention.
  • Automatic detection of exceptions such as duplicate transactions, mismatched check numbers or accounts, non-issued checks, and stale checks.

Safely and conveniently deposit your checks, at any time you choose, on-the-go or without ever leaving your seat.

A fast, simple solution that only requires a PC, Internet connection and a printer/scanner to submit a single check for deposit.

Meet the payment needs of your customers with the ability to accept Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® Network and other major cards.

Benefits Include

  • Dedicated Support – Our experienced, local professionals provide a consultative approach to sales and service – with your neighbors and business goals in mind.
  • Stability –- Our card processing partner, FIS™, has successfully handled card payments since 1964.
  • Up-Front Pricing – We walk you through the details of the agreement, so there are no surprises on your billing statement.

This Non-Deposit Investment* provides you with the convenience of immediate liquidity, while offering complete security. A repurchase agreement couples your checking account with an overnight investment collateralized by U.S. Government and agency securities. Funds in excess of those needed for daily liquidity purposes are swept each night from your checking account to your repurchase account. Conversely, if your need for funds increases, the funds are swept back from your repurchase agreement to your checking account.

Benefits Include

  • Money moves automatically between your checking and repurchase agreement account.
  • Immediate access to liquidity.
  • Fully collateralized by U.S. Government and agency securities.


*Not FDIC Insured. Not a Bank Deposit. May Lose Value.